Cut your nose to spite your face!

Op Ed by Carmine Miranda

I’m sure many of you have heard this phrase ad nauseam in your lifetime.

What does it mean? Don’t overreact and do something in anger that is more harmful to you than others.

The Sarasota School Board has placed a referendum on the ballot for a vote on March 8, 2022 to continue the 1 MIL Ad Valorem Tax that helps fund school operations, recruitment & retention of quality teachers, implementing & preserving educational programs, providing textbooks, technology and other resources to schools throughout the County. Expenditure oversight is carried out by an Independent Citizens Financial Oversight Committee.

Some comments have surfaced against the tax. I’ve included them here: ‘I’m not going to vote for this tax because I don’t appreciate being told I have no say in what my child learns or I don’t like how the school board handles and spends these tax dollars.’ Trying to get back at the school board and voting against the 1 MIL Ad Valorem tax only hurts the school children and the teachers throughout Sarasota County.

The school board is complicit in the parents frustration as well. Scheduling school board meetings at 9:00 am isn’t inclusive to parents who work. The newly proposed, yet to be voted on proposal to limit public comment from 3 minutes to 2 minutes per person and cutting off all comments after the one hour mark isn’t inclusive and leaves all County residents feeling the School Board doesn’t care about parents and taxpayers thoughts on children education in Sarasota County.

So instead of Residents and School Board Members acting out against each other (cutting your nose), wouldn’t it be better to work together and figure out how to make the student / teacher experience the best it can be.

Get involved, attend meetings, do your research and ask questions to get educated on the issues, get educated on candidates running for the school board and let your voice be heard by registering to vote and showing up at the ballot box.

IMHO, On March 8, 2022 show up to vote for the continuation of the 1 MIL Ad Valorem Tax to help the students and the teachers (don’t spite your face).

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